Cues & Accs

Professional 4x8 Cue Case

The Drill Instructor's high quality cues are safe in this protective soft side case. Get the protective benefits of a hard case with the flexibility of over packing a soft case. 

M1A1-XT Combo Training Pack by The Drill Instructor
M1A1-XT Combo Training Pack

Get the M1A1 with XT & CAP Shafts along with the Bazooka, P.E.T., BRAC and much more!

CAP Shaft and XT Xtreme Training Cue Shaft
CAP Shaft & XT Shaft Combo

Great CAP Shaft & XT Shaft package!

G5 Jump Cue & G10 Break Jump Cue by The Drill Instructor
G-5 Launcher & G-10 Assault Combo Pack

Get it all here in this pack for breaking and jumping with accessories!

CAP Shaft Pool Cue Center Aim Pivot
CAP Shaft
G-10 Assault Jumping Break Cue
G-10 Assault Jumping Break Cue

A 14oz Cue for Breaking and Jumping 2" - 70+"! Watch the video demonstration!

G-5 Launcher Aiming Jump Cue by The Drill Instructor
G-5 Launcher Jump Cue

The G-5 LAUNCHER is the “must have” jumping cue for every level player!

The Bazooka Cue X-Tension by The Drill Instructor
The Bazooka CX-19 Cue X-Tension

The Bazooka fits right on most any cue for added reach to your long shot.

$49.99 - $59.99

Want to get more POWER, SPEED, and CONTROL out of your break shots?

The PowerBreak Ring | Power and Control Innovation for your Break Shot

Want to get more power, speed and control into your break shot.

The Slider by The Drill Instructor
The Slider

Struggle with a sticky cue shaft or sweaty hands? Get a Slider on it!