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Professional 4x8 Cue Case




These Professional level cases are Full 4X8 Plus in size.
They have 4 Full Sipper Pockets, and the Brown has 5 Sipper Pockets.
The Drill Instructor's high quality cues are safe in this protective soft side case. Get the protective benefits of a hard case with the flexibility of over packing a soft case. 
It's perfect for the M1A1 and G-10 30" butts handles, the G-5's 30" jumping shaft,, and so much more. 
This is easily a $200 value case and you can't go wrong for this price. I guarantee it! 
Listen up! We've tried them all. If there were a better all-around utility case, we would be using it. And if some day there ever is one, you know we'll switch!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gary , 02/28/2016

I have been using the black case for 2 years.  I has stood up well.  Holds a ton - Pool - playing cue with extra shaft. G-5 & G-10 jump break combos (2 butts one short butt, 2 shafts  (also I have another short butt that I add on to my extra playing shaft for vertical cueing shots). Snooker cue with extra shaft.  In the pockets I have pool glasses,  glasses cleaner, cue ball, folding rest shaft, two rest heads, 3"x4" plastic case for accessories, ball marked, magnifying glass, 4" extension, extra meds holder, cueing papers pool gloves, and a couple of food bars.  and still a little bit of room.  Just remember to wipe off the chalk before returning you cues to case.