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The Cue Ball Master

Some years back, I was doing an exhibition at Buffalo Billiards in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, when a man walked up to me and said, “I’m blown away at how you master the cue ball to make perfect position for your next shot. I’d love to be able to do that, but my life is such a mess right now, I really don’t have the time to get that good.” I decided to respond to the, “but” of why his life was such a mess.
I picked up the cue ball and said, ”I really don’t master the cue ball, it masters me.” Then I firmly rolled the cue ball into a cushion and at the same time asked, “to run out and win a pool game, I need a pool table, the balls, a stick and the cue ball, right?” He curiously answered, “right”, and this is what I taught him.
In pool, as you spend time reading and being taught what makes a great pool player and practicing drills, your game will get better and your cue ball will begin landing in the right position for your next shot. Then, through continual learning and disciplined practice, flawless execution will evolve and next thing you know, people will say that you are truly the master of the cue ball. However, in reality, the cue ball is your master; it offers you options from which to choose for executing your next shot.

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Prove it yourself.

Do you think you master the cue ball or do you think the cue ball masters you? Try this drill. Place the 1 ball at center table, the 2 ball on the top rail at the center diamond and the 3 ball across on the bottom rail. Start with ball-in-hand and pocket the three balls in rotation order in each of their respective pockets on the right side of the table, then reverse the drill to the pockets on the left side of the table.
The cue ball demands specific control in order to make it land in perfect position to pocket each ball. The question is, can you perform what the cue ball requires of you? That’s my point! If you cant, you will always struggle to run balls; you’ll never be a threat to run out from everywhere because you have never learned to master and be mastered by the cue ball.
Now compare shooting pool to life. The table is earth, each ball represents a responsibility or aspect of life and the purpose or calling on your life is like the rules that govern a pool game. You’re the player, your FITS (Feelings, Images, Thoughts and Spiritual convictions) are your cue stick and the cue ball becomes like your relationship to God. More often when your relationship with God is poor or non existent, your life can seem like one big mess and you’re always trying to dig yourself out from one problem after another.
Like building your pool game, invest time reading, being taught and living out God’s Word and watch how your life will become increasingly better. Like mastering the cue ball to play good pool, master getting to know Jesus and soon your life pool game will be running out from everywhere too. CLICK on the pool table to see The Drill Instructor’s book about how any man can understand God.

About Dominic Esposito

Dominic Esposito is a Professional Pool Instructor and Playing Coach who travels throughout the country doing exhibitions and BOOT CAMP ​P​ool ​Schools​. Since ​turning pro in 1975, his involvement in the pool and billiard industry ​has provide​d​ ​players with ​the​ highest quality of training and support. ​
To know him personally, you'd soon learn that The Drill Instructor public exhibitions provide the financial resources that allow him to function as a volunteer Jail, ​Prison and Addiction Recovery Chaplain​.​ ​He also​ conduct​s a number of​​ group​ meetings teaching The Message of the Cross and The ​Revealed Will​ of God. ​ You probably know that ​​Dominic Esposito's​ persona is “The Drill Instructor.” The cartoon character created for “The Drill Instructor” can be seen throughout all of his materials.
Dominic ​is one of the top pool instructors of the world, and his extensive series of books, DVDs, playing equipment and training aids​ is second to none. He regularly publishes monthly pool lesson articles for POOL & BILLIARD Magazine as well as other Major Web Site Magazines that reach millions of pool players world wide every year. 
In 2006, Dominic founded the “Play Pool Youth Academy,” which utilizes the “Pool Players Creed,” similar to his “Kids Karate Creed” that was taught at his kids martial arts academies for years.
​If you ever saw ​Dominic​ work, you know he​ performs a​t one speed, super ​energetic. His​ instructional and entertaining pool exhibition called “Show & Tell” is tailored to fit any venue from pool halls, pool leagues, corporate parties, private groups, colleges, and major State Fair events.
​Don't hesitate to contact us today ​and​ talk about a program that’s right for you and your group.