2 Day - Group BOOT CAMP INTENSIVE (BCI) Pool School | Simpsonville, SC (or at Your Location)

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BCI Pool School | Limited to 3 STUDENTS PER TABLE X's Number of Available Tables!

Your 2 day intensive takes place in Greenville SC, or your location. This training experience will far exceed your expectations — we guarantee it!

This 2 Day Boot Camp Intensive Pool School is perfect if you want all around intensive training to:

1. Sharpen your overall playing skills,

2. Break any bad pool playing habits,

3. Get out of your slump or break through that plateau.

Whatever you need, the BCI will have your pool playing solution.

Bonus for Students!

Outside of the BCI School, we'll arrage for a group rate at a local hotel near the venue if needed.

Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

For courses in Simpsonville, SC you can fly into Greenville/Spartanburg (GSP) International Airport.

You are welcome to ship your pool equipment in advance to: 215 Scottish Ave, Simpsonville, SC 29680 to avoid any baggage fees.

Class Schedule

Stroke Mechanics

S1. How the Mental Game Works
S2. Stance, Bridging and Stroke Techniques
S3. Cue Ball Speed and Position Control
S4. Straight and Cut Shot Aiming Alignment
S5. English and Calculating Cue Ball Deflection
S6. Shot Making, Playing, and Winning Consistency

Defense Mechanics

D1. Cue Ball Speed Control Drills
D2. Object Ball Speed Control Drills
D3. Executing Safety and Escape Shots
D4. Kicking and Banking Systems
D5. The Diamond System Made Easy
D6. When to Play Defense Shots

Offensive Mechanics

O1. Critical Warm-up Techniques
O2. Cue Ball Position Control Drills
O3. Seeing the Run-Out Patterns
O4. Playing the Last 2 Balls Correctly
O5. Break Shot Techniques and Drills
O6. Playing Cue and Jump Cue Shots


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Doug K, 05/22/2017

Had a GREAT Time in South Carolina !!
At the 3 day "BOOT CAMP INTENSIVE POOL SCHOOL" Big Shout Dominic, AKA The Drill Instructor & his wife . I've learned more in 3 days. Then I learned in my whole life about pool. Not only is Dominic a great instructor and coach. Even a better person. The best coaching that I've ever had. Highly recommended. No matter what level you play from beginner level to Pro level.

Reviewed by Jeremy , 02/24/2016

This three-day boot camp was a truly enlightening experience for my game.  Unlike most other programs I'd looked into, Dominic makes a deliberate point of keeping his classes very small in order to ensure he can focus more directly on maximizing the benefit for his students.

I considered myself a fairly solid player going in, and, while I consider myself to have become a marginally better player immediately on coming out three days later, leaving it off there would severely understate the value of this program.  A good analogy might be to say that Dominic provides a "GPS" guide for developing your game - now, I have a clear, defined, and self-executable roadmap of exactly what I need to do, and how, to deliberately and effectively improve my game in repeatable, measurable steps.   It's only been about three weeks since that session, and I can say with confidence that I'm already observing continuing improvement to focused areas of my game that I would certainly not be achieving at this pace (if at all) with my old methods of "practice."

The BCI will, in its three day program, offer some immediate and tangible improvements for players ranging from novice to highly advanced, but its true strength is its provision of an understanding of and access to the tools and methods by which to construct and ensure one's own future growth, after leaving the class.

It's very common for people to think 'if I buy a better cue, I'll be a better player,' or along those lines, and there can be merit to that thought.  But after participating in this class, I highly recommend this class as delivering a far better value return in terms of improving your game, as you're investing in yourself - with that, you're a better player regardless of the cue.

Reviewed by VictorM , 02/09/2016

I attended the three day BCI and it was excellent for me. No, I didn't come home as an advanced player, but I did learn what it takes to be a good player and how to do the required drills to become a good player. The rest is up to me. I'll get out of it what I put into it. I would recommend this class to any player from beginner to advanced.

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