Training Aids

M1A1-XT Combo Training Pack by The Drill Instructor
M1A1-XT Combo Training Pack

Get the M1A1 with XT & CAP Shafts along with the Bazooka, P.E.T., BRAC and much more!

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The Pro English Trainer by The Drill Instructor
The Pro English Trainer

Learn to aim and hit the center of the cue ball and also master English on the cue ball.

Winning Ball Aiming System by The Drill Instructor
WINNING Ball Aiming System

This is the most accurate aiming system any level player can use to pocket a ball, especially, THE WINNING BALL!

The BRAC - Bank Rail Angle Calculator by The Drill Instructor
The B.R.A.C. Bank Rail Angle Calculator

Learn the precise aiming point for Carom Shots, Kicking and Banking!