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One-on-One Pool and Billiard Instruction and Coaching with The Drill Instructor

Do you think you deserve the best pool training and coaching in the world! If you said, "Yes," and want to make it happen, then here's how it would work.

I will lead you through a series of intensive evaluation of drills designed to reveal your true skill level and training starting point. From there, we will create your very own personalised instruction, coaching, and training program. The entire plan is custom­ized to fit your exact skill level, playing abilities, and future competition plans.

This is not another cookie-cutter pre-designed "do you know this shot?" program. There's NO standing around just watching and listening to a bunch of ce­lebrity lip babbling. You're totally involved, actively working, intently learning, and really shooting, just like you've always wanted to be trained to shoot pool before. If you want to play pool as a past time hobby or turn up the fire and compete at the pro level, calling Word-Class Master Instructor Dominic Esposito is the exact next step you need to take. Within minutes of talking to him, you'll know you're in the right hands to take your game where you want it to be.

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