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The Optimus ZDPT Technology
Optimus CF Shaft
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The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Pool Playing Shaft Performance Design.

The *OPTIMUS Carbon Fiber Pool Playing Shaft is designed with ZERO DEFLECTION PERFORMANCE TAPERING TECHNOLOGY (** ZDPT Technology).

The *OPTIMUS Carbon Fiber Tubing is produced from Complex Proprietary Mathematical Computations (CPMC) that predetermine the deflection of a common 5.6 to 6.0 ounce Cue Ball.

Using an open or closed bridge with a fulcrum point range of 10" to 14" from contact with the Cue Ball and an applied ***5 Speed Shot Stroke or greater, the result is that the Cue Ball will deflect back to the Original Center Axis Cue Ball Path Line, the same path as if No English (Side Spin) was applied to the original shot.

Basically, the pool player won't have to calculate the compensation for Cue Ball deflection, namely, having to know how far to aim offline in order to make the Cue Ball hit the intended Object Ball Contact Point when using English.

The *OPTIMUS Shaft with **ZDPT Technology is not like the common pro-taper of a wood shaft which is usually a totally level 13" to 15" even taper measuring back from the tip and is generally preferred for how it feels when using a closed bridge-hand stroke. 


The *OPTIMUS Shaft with **ZDPT Technology has the appearance and feel of a pro-tapered shaft. Actually, it's the internal and external engineering from the CPMC that causes the shaft's Tapering to make the *OPTIMUS shaft perform so precisely. You'll think it's a pro-taper, yet, in truth, it's the **ZDPT Technology with its CPMC that creates its undetectable non-pro-taper modification performance.

The TOP 10 Features of the *OPTIMUS Shaft with **ZDPT Technology,
1. Available in Three Shaft Sizes - 11.9mm, 12.4mm, and 12.9
2. Choice of Tip - based on availability
3. Choice of Joint Thread - based on availability
4. Shipped World Wide
5. Limited LIFETIME Replacement Warranty (see website for details)
6. The *OPTIMUS is the only CF shaft made with **ZDPT Technology.
7. The *OPTIMUS has the best overall value for the price and warranty.
8. The *OPTIMUS Carbon Fiber Shaft is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.
9. Competitively Priced.

* The OPTIMUS pool shaft is designed and manufactured in the USA by Prine Custom Cues (PCC)

** ZDPT Technology with CPMC is designed and licensed exclusively to PCC for all *OPTIMUS pool shafts. The Drill Instructor, LLC exclusively endorses the *OPTIMUS pool shaft and all PCC products.

*** A "SPEED SHOT STROKE" is a design by The Drill Instructor to quantify Cue Ball Shot Speeds.

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