M1A1 with XT Shaft and CAP Shaft

MSRP: $449.99

M1A1 with XT Cue Shaft and CAP Shaft

Announcing the first ZERO DEFLECTION PERFORMANCE CUE SHAFT in the history of pocket billiards: The CAP Shaft (Center Aim Pivot).
Up to January 1, 2015 The Drill instructor had spent 9 full years proudly endorsing and promoting the PREDATOR pool cue shafts for it’s many claims of low deflection and design quality. 
But all good things do come to an end to make room for better. The Drill Instructor has perfected the first pool playing cue shaft that finally has — Zero Deflection Performance, ZDP Technology. The BIG DEAL is not what the shaft is made out of, but how it performs.
Why would you want to shoot pool with ZDP Technology?
ZDP Technology automatically calculates the cue ball’s deflection (Squirt) when you apply English (Side Spin).
And what does that really mean for you?
You will definitely have better aiming consistency!
No other cue shaft in the world can perform like this. Apply English with the CAP shaft, with confidence, and the ZDP Technology will do the rest for you.
The CAP Shaft comes with a 100% no-warp replacement policy. 

Included is a video lesson for the M1A1 Click here for the M1A1 Video Lesson

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lucien W, 11/25/2018

Don is simply the "Go to Guy" when it comes to anything training. Recently purchased the M1A1 XT shaft and CAP shaft. I was going to practice with my XT for a couple of weeks before posting a review, especially since my aiming with it was so horrible. I almost had buyers regret cause in relearning how to aim and shoot straight, I had zero confidence in making any balls at all. I had to even incorporate my Pro English Trainer!! But after a short week of extensive training I must say that I was making straight in's and cut shots from half table with increasing regularity. Three speed and no side spin is the most I can manage with it though. OUTSTANDING TOOL! Very frustrating in the beginning I must say though but if you are willing to put in diligent practice time it does pay off.
The CAP shaft is also outstanding. it plays much better than my Meucii Pro shaft and the high priced REVO that some of my teammates play with. I could not get consistent on 90 degree cutshots with ANY english. With the CAP shaft, I never missed. This stick is so smooth and well balanced. I now have a high degree of confidence of using any english on any shot. After using the M1A1 exclusively for practice, then going to the CAP was like OMG!! Seriously folks, take this review to heart. If I can improve from this, so can you!!! Thanks for all that you do for pool Don!!

Reviewed by Brian T, 11/15/2017

The Cap shaft is absolutely amazing. Compensation for deflection is a painstaking endeavor. So many times I go for a shot and I would just slightly over or under compensate and miss the shot. As soon as I used the cap shaft I tested it out with the furthest shot and maximum English and the cue sailed straight to the target and the shot went in with no compensation for deflection. Honestly I just kept testing it out for the next hour and every shot was a cake to make with any amount of English because I did not have to adjust for deflection. I will still practice using the XT shaft because having the understanding of how to properly adjust for deflection will still be a huge benefit for me. Overall the M1A1 is by far the best cue I have ever used and I recommend it to everyone.

Reviewed by Tom M, 03/29/2017

Dominic I got it I love it I tried both shafts it hits really nice. You did a great job with this. I cannot believe how good it plays. When I get time I am gonna tell those idiots on AZ billiards how good this cue is. I was amazed how you can hit a straight in shot with 3 tips of English and see that ball spinning. I am glad I got it. The XT shaft plays nice too great practice tool.