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Defense Pack

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The Defense Pack Includes:

55 Safety Drills
52 Advanced Shots
54 Kick & Bank Drills
B.R.A.C. (Bank Rail Angle Calculator)


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by lucien w, 05/07/2017

I purchased The Defense Pack along with 27 Secrets of the Pro's several weeks ago to help prepare for an upcoming Regional Tournament, since my defense had very limited knowledge base, so after much research i decided to throw my limited resources into this package because I felt it would advance me the quickest. Boy I was not disappointed. I will start with the PROS:
PRO. Anyone who has ever struggled with what to and how to practice (ME); The Defense Package/ 27 Secrets is a good combo. It really provides motivation and direction in a billiards world with unlimited, yet sometimes incomplete information. Detailed video and book makes getting into easy if you follow to the letter. Especially the pre-practice, practice, and post practice routine out of 27 secrets (VERY IMPORTANT). Rarely do I see the exact drill in a game but these drills has opened up my eyes to not only seeing more defensive possibilities, but to feel fairly confident to execute them. Too early to tell if it will pay off in the long run, but I dont see how it cant. I'm already seeing improvements in 3 short weeks.

CONS: Well........none. I see no downside to the drills or how they are delivered. Everything is explained and spot on; especially "kicking by tips" which is an unbelievable weapon to have in ANY GAME. I cant wait to buy the Offensive package, but heaven can wait.