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Boot Camp Pack

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Pack 1 - Boot Camp

Listen up! If you can't run out, hit a plateau, you're stuck in a rut, or not played in years, and YOU want ME to get YOU back in Top Shape again, this is what you are looking for!

The Boot Camp Pack Includes:

Over 100 Drill Workouts!!!  5 Hours on DVD in Boot Camp Basics, Boot Camp Tactics and The J.A.B. Factor

Shooter's Journal to record your practice sessions.

Winning Ball Aiming System

The P.E.T. (Pro English Trainer)


Watch the video to see what's included in your Boot Camp Pack

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by lucien e, 07/08/2017

The BOOT CAMP package is about a straight forward and simplistic as any set of instruction can get but the beauty of in lies in the presentation and direction it provides. Especially to anyone new to the game looking to excel quickly. After much disappointment on YOUTUBE videos or book instruction, I finally found something that provided both at my fingertips. The warm-up drills and PRO ENGLISH TRAINER are valuable tools in the Boot Camp package. The Pro English Trainer quickly pointed out that I was consistently off center about a half a tip which explained a lot on why I was inconsistent when applying english and was afraid to use it. Still with this usefull information I still did not understand how to fix my dominant eye problem. I decided to call Mr. Dominic. As promised he answered the call and provided detailed and step by step instruction and exercises. i couldn't be more happier with someone who took an interest in my development and actually wanted to help and not just sell products. I implore anyone looking for direction to try any of the packages. You will not be disappointed.