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The MSRP for this package is $649.98

This COMBO Package includes

1.   Two - 3pc sets of Joint Protectors

2.    Adjustable Sport Grip to add greater speed and confort - 

        in your choice of colors - Red, Blue Green or Black (Black shown),

3.   The J.A.B. Factor DVD, 2 Full Hours of Jumping. Aiming & Breaking Drills and Instruction

The Accessory Pack is a $120 Value, FREE.

Plus an additional CASH DISCOUNT for Special Forces Members.  

That's a Huge Savings Right NOW!  

Get This Package Today!

*Price: $499.98


The First Aiming Jump Cue! At 40” it weighs only 4 oz. and can jump from 1/8” to 50+"  Simply add the back 11” handle and the 51” becomes a full-length jump cue weighs weighing all of 5.9 oz, making any full table jump a breeze. The G-5 LAUNCHER is the “must have” jumping cue for every competitive level player.  Like the DI says, "If they ain't kissing, I ain't missing."  It's that good!

*Price: $159.99



It's All About The Physics Behind the Technology!

1. The lighter the breaking cue weights, the faster the stroking arm moves.

2. The cue ball can only travel at twice the speed of whatever hits it.

3. Anything lighter than 14 oz and the stick is too light a weight to move the 5.9oz cue ball at it's maximum speed.  Basically speaking, the cue ball is too heavey for any cue stick weighing less than 14oz to transfer its mass of energy.

As a full length aiming jump cue, the 14oz G-10 ASSAULT, can easily jump from 10” to 70+”.  Switch out the breaking handle and add the 13” jumping handle and at 6oz, it jumps from 2” - 70+” with ease.

*Price: $399.99


The MSRP on this special package is $650.

M1A1 Competition Training Pack Special: $499.99 + S&H  (Save $150)
This Promotion Package Includes:
1 - M1A1 (Two shafts) 1-XT (Extreme Trainer) shaft, 1-XLD (Extreme Low Deflection) play shaft
Plus you'll get these bonus items:
1 - 3pc Joint Protectors ($40)
1 - Bank Rail Angle Calculator ($35)
1 - Pro English Trainer ($35)
1 - Winning Ball Aiming system ($30)
1 - Complete Video & 2 hr DVD on all training ($30)
1 - 4pc set of SLIDERS (cue shaft gloves) ($20)
1 - CX-19 BAZOOKA Cue X-Tension with carry case ($60)
M1A1-XT Cue only: $399.99 + S&H  (Includes butt & 2 shafts only. All training items ala carte.)
*Price: $499.99

M1A1-XT Cue Only

Don't want the Competition Training Pack Special Promotion?

Then just get the amazing Training and Playing Cue Only

and we'lll still include the joint protectors FREE to say thank you.


*Price: $399.99

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