Certified Pool Instructor Training School

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The Drill Instructor offers two opportunities to teach and promote pool:
- Adult Pool Instructor Program | Teach classes for adults only by becoming a Drill Corp Instructor
- Youth Pool Instructor Program | Operate a Certified PPYA location by becoming certified as a Drill Corp Youth Instructor



Drill Corp Instructor (DCI)
As a Drill Corp Instructor, you will be able to teach Boot Camp Intensive Pool School (BCI), Competition Skills Training Class (CST), private instruction and access to earn commissions from The Drill Instructor products.
Drill Corp Instructor Operational Requirements:
- PBIA membership status is current and in good standing
- Graduate from the Drill Corp Instructor Training School by The Drill Instructor


Owning and operating your own PPYA program will be both rewarding and fulfilling in many ways. However, it is critical to have the right motivation for being involved in such a program as this. If your primary motivation for wanting to be a PPYA Drill Corp Youth Instructor is to make money, you'll most likely not be in business after one year because kids can tell when you really care about them.
It's understandable that your efforts should be rewarded. Your financial rewards will come as the result of managing your PPYA program successfully. Leading and directing children and juniors to build their character and pool playing skills requires a sound mind, a good heart, and the discipline and diligence to follow a proven curriculum.
Drill Corp Youth Instructor (DCY) Operational Requirements:
- PBIA membership status is current and in good standing
- Graduate from the Instructor Training School with PPYA Certification
- Cleared background check to work with children*
- Completed and signed PPYA financial agreement
*A background check is required and will be limited only to having no sexual offense charges currently against you or history of sexual offense charged against you or any member of your household. 
PPYA Financial Disclosure
The financial rewards for operating a PPYA program are healthy. The actual details for these numbers will be learned during your Drill Corp Youth Instructor Training School. The following financials are hypothetical for this presentation only, but realistic based on the operation of previous PPYA programs.
As an example, a PPYA can generate the following annual revenue:
6   Enrolled Students $11,360
10 Enrolled Students $18,948
14 Enrolled Students $26,527
22 Enrolled Students S40,692
The total investment to operate a Certified PPYA location as a DCY is $7,500. You will be required to pay $1,500 of your total investment to attend the Drill Corp Youth Instructor Training School.
The balance for the PPYA Certification will be paid out of the revenue of your PPYA operating budget over two years ($250 per month for 24 months) interest free beginning 60 days after your PPYA is operational.
There is no financial obligation for the balance of your PPYA fee if your confidential background check does not clear or, if at any time during the twenty-four month period you become incapable of opening and operating your PPYA location.
A new financial obligation will be arranged between a qualified DCY for your PPYA if that DCY takes over your PPYA location.

Instructor Training Schedule for Adults and Juniors

Day 1 | Instructor Training Program | Thursday (11:00 - 5:00 PM)

Instructor Training School Overview
Becoming a Qualified Pool Instructor
Why Join The PBIA
Drill Corp Team Representatives
Developing Your Own Adult & Youth Pool School Business 
The 3 Steps To Building Your Pool School Success
Developing Your Teaching Skills for Group and Private Lessons
What Is Right & Left Brain Training
Physical & Touching Management
How To Tell Your Students Learning Styles
How To Adapt To Your Students Learning Styles
The TOP 10 DO’s and DON’Ts when Teaching by Gender & Age
Drill Corp Representative (DCR)
Product Knowledge Training
Sales & Marketing Training
Income Earning Strategies
Boot Camp Intensive (BCI) & Competition Skills Training (CST) Overview
The 3 and 1 Day Pool School Formats
How To Fill Your Class Marketing Strategies
Selling Products & Private Sessions
Day 1 | Part 2 (6:30 – 8:00 PM)
How To Run A Profitable Pool School Business
Developing Revenue Streams; Fees, Product Sales, etc.
Record Keeping & Why
Booking Schools & Private Session Marketing
It’s All About What You Say & How You Say It
Day 2 – 4 | The BCI Pool School | Friday – Sunday
Boot Camp Intensive Pool School - All Instructors Attend with BCI students
Day 5 | PPYA Instructor Training Program | Sunday (11:00 - 5:00 PM)
The Play Pool Youth Academy (PPYA)
The TOP 10 DO’s and DON’T's when Teaching Kids
Avoiding What Causes Lawsuits In Business
What’s So Different About Teaching Kids
Reporting Your Success and Getting Paid
Background Checks
Potential Earnings for Running Your PPYA Academy
You don’t need to bring any class materials; we’ll have it all here for you.
You’re welcome to bring LapTops, Pads, etc. 
Bring your pool playing equipment or ship it ahead to us.
Dress comfortable, sporty casual is good, but be comfortable.
Lunch is provided at the Instructor's school (not BCI school). Dinner is not provided, however, we will have dinner break from 5:00 pm - 6:30 PM. 
All students must attend Day 1-4. Only PPYA Instructors attend Day 5.
• The class flies by FAST! You won’t get bored, but you will be challenged.

Take the First Step! 

Register for the next class by completing the registration form above and paying your Instructor Training School fee. 

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