Cues & Accs

Professional 4x8 Cue Case

The Drill Instructor's high quality cues are safe in this protective soft side case. Get the protective benefits of a hard case with the flexibility of over packing a soft case. 

M1A1-XT Combo Training Pack by The Drill Instructor
M1A1-XT Combo Training Pack

Get the M1A1 with XT & CAP Shafts along with the Bazooka, P.E.T., BRAC and much more!

CAP Shaft and XT Xtreme Training Cue Shaft
CAP Shaft & XT Shaft Combo

Great CAP Shaft & XT Shaft package!

G5 Jump Cue & G10 Break Jump Cue by The Drill Instructor
G-5 Launcher & G-10 Assault Combo Pack

Get it all here in this pack for breaking and jumping with accessories!

CAP Shaft Pool Cue Center Aim Pivot
CAP Shaft
G-10 Assault Jumping Break Cue
G-10 Assault Jumping Break Cue

A 14oz Cue for Breaking and Jumping 2" - 70+"! Watch the video demonstration!

G-5 Launcher Aiming Jump Cue by The Drill Instructor
G-5 Launcher Jump Cue

The G-5 LAUNCHER is the “must have” jumping cue for every level player!

The Bazooka Cue X-Tension by The Drill Instructor
The Bazooka CX-19 Cue X-Tension

The Bazooka fits right on most any cue for added reach to your long shot.

On Sale

Want to get more POWER, SPEED, and CONTROL out of your break shots?

The PowerBreak Ring | Power and Control Innovation for your Break Shot

Want to get more power, speed and control into your break shot.

The Slider by The Drill Instructor
The Slider

Struggle with a sticky cue shaft or sweaty hands? Get a Slider on it!