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Breast Cancer Awarness Power Pack - The Sliders | PowerBreak Ring | PowerBreak Grip

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With The POWERBREAK GRIP on the butt handle of your breaking cue, from your very first break you will feel the difference — MORE GRIP & RIP — MORE CONTROL, and MORE POWER.

This is one of those, "I wish I would have thought of it" inventions.  It will amaze you the first time you try it!

PLUS, when you add THE POWERBREAK RING in front of it, your overall breaking results will expode to a new level.

This is the perfect enhancer to any player with any physical limiting conditions.

One try and you'll feel the difference with the control of your break shot!


For the first time ever, a Power and Control Innovation for your Break Shot, by The Drill Instructor.

- The POWERBREAK Ring will enhanced the quality of your break shot — I guarantee it!

- The POWERBREAK Ring ensures a non-slip full force power stroke break shot every time — especially for those who have struggled with a weak break or a limiting physical condition.

- The POWERBREAK Ring guarantees to increase your breaking speed and enhance your breaking power to generate bigger ball spreads — and that could mean pocketing more balls on the break.

- The POWERBREAK Ring allows you to snuggle up your back hand into the adjustable grip-enhancing rubber ring — causing you to apply greater G-Force Inertia into every break stroke.

One try and you'll feel the difference The POWERBREAK Ring
will add to the power, force, and control of your break shot.

The Slider 4 Pack


Use with an Open Bridge without slipping.


Fits any size shaft.  Just pull it down toward the joint when you don't want to use it.
Made from the highest quality Lycra material.
Washable and long wearing. It makes a house cue feel like a pro shaft.
Comes 4 to a pack in full colors.


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