STOP Missing A-Round

The Center Ring Drill

Found in 54 Cue Ball Speed & Position Control Drills Book & DVD

1. Place all 15 object balls in a circle formation and place the cue ball in the center to start.
2. Make any ball in any pocket. Banking is acceptable when necessary.
3. DO NOT let the cue ball roll outside of the circle at any time. It may not leave the circled area.
4. If you roll outside of the circle or hit another ball, set it all back up and start over.

This drill perfects your position precision for short range draw back stroke shots. This type of shot is needed often during a match. This is the drill that will build up your stroke and confidence for the next match you play.



If you’re a newer player, getting past the first few balls will take some work. Be patient and walk around the table a time or two so you can select the straightest shot. After a while, you’ll draw the ball back for the next shot you want with more control. For practice, restart this drill only 5 or 6 times. You’ll see progress over time as you keep this pace.

Some of you may already play well enough so that you’ll do well through the first six or eight balls. If that’s you, you’re off to a good start. Your main focus needs to be the draw speed control and of course, pocketing the ball.

You have the raw skills to get all 15 balls. My advice is that you only think about two or three balls at a time. It’s the same way you pocketed the first two or three set of balls that made up to the first six or eight balls all over again. In no time it will add up to the full 15 balls. Work it 5 times in a row before you move on.

Now for advanced players, I know you can make the first 12 balls. My challenge to you is this, let me see you get the last 3 balls without going outside the circle doing it. Yes, even after the last ball. It’s time to stop messing around or should I say, “Missing A-Round”.

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Hi there,
the 52 last ball shots are they be published on DI TV ?
I have send a mail but no answer.