Can you handle the truth?

Dominic Esposito | 9/28/2014
Love me or hate me, here it comes!
Drawing a cue ball the length of a pool table has more to do with the stroke of the shooter and less with the equipment. Additionally, the aesthetics of a cue has little or nothing (unless it's the M1A1) to do with cue ball action. If you are able to perform and accomplish your desired shot objective, all you need to make sure is the thing in your hand is no less than 40" long, no more than 25oz, and has anything on the end of it for a tip except a piece of rubber.
As a note, I said the M1A1 because the butt comes designed with all the technical designs to show the player the exact rail contact point for 1 & 2 rail kicks, banks, 30 & 90 degree caroms and the DI's amazing aiming system.
Additionally, for years players have looked the other way when the idea that rounding the end of a ferrule constitutes it being good enough to count as being a tip. Think about it—is it legal to shoot a ball with the side of my ferrule? Then what do you call a ferrule with no tip on it? Legal?
Wake up players. Half the mess of products sold today have nothing to do with helping your game.  But the dealers know I am one of the few instructors in the game that will tell you this.
At a DI pool clinic you'll empty your case and learn the eye-opening truth about how much un-needed stuff you carry that you bought because you weren't thinking.
Go on and keep scuffing you tips, that much sooner the cue techs look forward to your coming for a new tip. Keep scrubbing your shafts with green pads. Soon you'll be buying that new shaft. The list goes on and on.
Wake up players. *You want the skills, get the drills!* 



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