A Real Eye-Opener!

Dominic Esposito | 10/14/2014
Last week a player who uses my M1A1 asked me to turn his sift down to a 12mm from the 13mm it comes with ($50 charge for this service).  Many of you players probably know him.  His name is Randy G., and the G stands for the one and only, Randy Goettlecher, the founder of the former BCA pool instructors program, and who I'd consider one of the top pro trainers in pool in the world.
He's nuts in love with his M1A,1 and it is his new playing cue.  Randy says "You have taken another step of credibility in my eyes. The new cue is now my favorite.  It plays just as you promised. I am having fun enjoying my new game.  Might be the best cue I have every played with. This cue is not for the average player.  They would have no concept of what this cue is doing. Higher level players would appreciate this cue immensely."
Other top level players, like Bert Lavoy, of Orlando, FL, who has told me personally, "I ran three racks of balls the first time I played with it.  I love this cue and I intend to tell everyone about it."  I can tell you first hand that Bert is one of the most technically detailed players I know, really!
Fellow players, I telling you about the new M1A1 with the XT & LD Shafts.  XT = Extreme Trainer, LD = Low Deflection.
The M1A1 is the Ultimate Training and Playing Cue you will ever own.
There is NOTHING like it in the industry—Nothing Like It!
From a Training point of view, it is a must have—no matter if you want to keep playing with your cue of choice. Why?
The cue Trains, Perfects, and Maintains:
1. The accuracy of your dominant eye.
2. Keeps you seeing perfect center ball and English.
3. Detects and corrects misalignment stroke flaws.
4. Provides exact feedback for determining the contact point on the rail to aim at for any 1 & 2 Rail Kicks and Bank shots.
5. Shows you the 30 and 90 degree paths the cue ball will roll after it makes contact with the object ball. This can prevent scratching, and predict carom rolls.
6. The M1A1 gives you the aiming line for for the Winning Ball Aiming System.  Many of you struggle understanding CTE, 90/90 and other aiming systems.  You wont have any more difficulty understanding the Number One Aiming System in all of pool any more when you do it The Drill Instructor Way.
A player in Michigan just wrote saying, "Thank you Dominic. I could never understand that CTE system until I got my M1A1. Now I finally understand how to aim right.  This made it so easy to get it"
There's more!
Using the LD Shaft as your regular playing cue will blow you away.  First of all, back up, you can actually feel this cue when it strikes the cue ball, yet, the high quality redial pin gives you that amazing soft feel you can't get out of your more common name brand cues.
The LD Shaft speaks for its self.  I have busted this whole secret world of technology about who has the secret sauce on Low Deflection.  The proof is in the video, and if you get on it, will be in your hands next.  
STOP missing balls because you don't know what FOD, Factor Of Deflection is on your cue.  Now you can apply English and stroke at the aiming spot on the ball you'd shoot at if you were only using Top, Center or Bottom on the center line of the cue ball.  
The 30" Butt has the greatest FWB (Front Weight Balance) design that provides a true balance feel—losing the pull and drag problem with back weight bolt cue butts.  That is often the cause of rolling and cranking wrist problems.  This has much to do with Randy G.'s comment about beginner level players not understanding what this cue can do for them, and higher level players will get it.



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