G-5 Launcher & G-10 Assault Combo Pack

MSRP: $689.99
PowerBreak Grip Color #1: Information
Alternate Grip Color #2: Information
The G-5 & G-10 COMBO Pack includes:

3. 2 sets (4 piece) of Joint Protectors
4. Hand fitted, removable adjustable PowerBreak Grip and PowerBreak Ring to add greater speed and comfort.
5. The J.A.B. Factor DVD, 2 Full Hours of Jumping. Aiming & Breaking Drills and Instruction
6. A Pack of The SLIDERS

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gary S, 05/24/2017

You meet so many people, I am sure you won\'t remember, but we met at the 2014 spring ACS in Vegas.  I was a weak at jump shots.  We played a few racks, demoing the break and jump cues. I bought the full cue package.

The break cue is awesome.  Easy to get  power with control without flailing away at the cue ball AND if you do need extra power you still get control when breaking hard because you don\'t have the flail to get that extra pop.

I am playing a summer 9 ball league and so far I have made a ball and not scratched 48 times out of 55 breaks.

Last night I was full ball hooked 2x with the cue ball a full diamond into the kitchen, the intervening ball opposite the side pocket and the object ball was below the long rail middle diamond about a diamond off the long rail - pulled out the break cue  and made a perfect long jump with draw and then ran the last 5 balls to win!  I thought wow - a couple of opps later almost the same shot but a little longer jump with follow needed for shape.  Pulled out the breaker again and unbelievable - made the jump with a little follow and got out again! 2 long power jumps with the breaker.

On short jumps I am using the short jumpers and virtually never miss the ball.  Best value for jump/break combos out there.  Great teacher and great equipment.